Thats a First!

Well, let me start by saying Welcome! I am so excited about finally starting my blog ! I am so happy that you took the time out to join me as I share my views, ideas, concerns and interests. Further more, My name is Cassidy. I have a passion for Journalism and overall writing. Also, I am currently a college student studying Psychology, which is another passion of mine. This blog will be a collaboration of the two.

I’ve decided to start blogging simply because I like to share my thoughts with the world. Many people think that words can easily come off as skewed or misinterpreted through technologically advanced communications, however, I view this platform as my space to speak freely, openly and pretty straight forward! Did I mention that this is a judge free zone? No? Well now you know, This is a Judge Free Zone! I intend to discuss pretty “touchy” topics that many people usually throw under the rug or keep behind closed doors. All aspects of life are important and it is unhealthy for us to put certain issues to the side opposed to approaching them to the best of our ability!

Anyhow, I hope you all enjoy my blog! Please feel free to comment, participate in any open polls and ask questions! I would love to hear feedback from any and everyone who decided to stop by!

Love & Prosperity,



Enlightenment After Relationship?

It is so crazy how much of an effect someone can have on you. I’ve been in a relationship for the last…..3 going on 4 years and it was one hell of a journey. I’ve learned so much and somehow regret so little. I don’t believe in regret. I believe if you regret something or someone, you should learn from that. It’s more beneficial that way. It can have a toll on your psyche to regret something you cannot take back. Especially if whatever you regret was a choice. Just learn from that experience and don’t make that choice again. I know, things are not always as easy as it sounds but it’s a mental process. I think may of us have to learn to think ahead, think about the consequences of our actions and think of how it would affect us in the future.

What advice would I give to my 3 years ago self? I would tell myself to not ignore the signs. I would remind myself to love yourself first and others will come after. I would tell myself to know your standards and know what you can and cannot deal with in a guy or in a relationship in general and stick to it. I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful father figure in myself. do not forget that. I would also tell myself to know what you want. not everything that everyone is doing is for you. Work at your pace and never forget to reward yourself for the accomplishments you have achieved, no matter how big or small.

It is really easy for someone to drain the confidence out of you without you even knowing it. It may not be intentional of that person. Maybe they just focus on the negative more than the positive. Some people are pessimistic. I remember feeling like I can do anything and go anywhere a few years ago. I felt so confident. I felt bright, smart, brilliant. Slowly, over time, I caught myself doubting my potential, questioning my ability and constantly in search for reassurance. The bad part about that is not hearing what you want to hear and sticking with the idea that you cannot do something. It takes a toll on you and can really bring you down.

Now the best part about going through that journey, in my opinion, is that bright light at the end of the tunnel, that one epiphany and the enlightenment when the light bulb turns on! You have to love it. That’s where I would consider myself to be now. You know, chilling, doing my own thing, living my life, traveling, minding my own business, trying to get through school, enjoying my time wit friends, making new friends and genuinely doing what I want to do.

Now can I say that I had a horrible life in my relationship? No! I had many great times and I thank him for that. I do not hate my former boyfriend. ( I hate the term ex) As a matter of fact, we are cool. I just realize that our friendship was more healthy than our relationship and we were both willing to let go. As of now, we are both at a place where our light is shining bright and we are doing what makes us happy. It’s still all good!

Love & Prosperity